Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Interlude: What the Sam Hill ? ! ? ! ? !

I can't believe my eyes!!!!
My wife and I are often woken around 3:30AM by our beautiful daughter (wet diaper, ready for the 4AM feeding a little early, wanting to discuss the meaning of life, etc.), but last night was the first time she chose the method of grabbing me by my shirt, pulling my face up to hers and screaming, "You!  Computer!  NOW!"

(You may ask yourself, "What is a six-week-old baby doing on the computer at that time of night?"  Well, I'm very happy you're asking yourself and not me, because I sure as hell don't have an answer for you.)

We rushed to the laptop.  "I crapped my pants when I saw this," said the Kid.  I pointed out that crapping her pants was kind of her norm.  She wasn't amused.   The Kid was on one of her favorite sites www.badassdigest.com (natch!) and she showed me something called "Solid Potato Salad"  that... well...  honestly, I crapped my pants, too...  

"You never told me that things like this existed," said my daughter.  "I didn't know myself," I replied.  "You're very much a disappointment to me," said she.  "Thanks," said I.  "Seriously, what the heck have you done with all your time on this planet?" she asked.  "Hey, who showed you Soderbergh's Schizopolis?" I rejoined.  "OK, I'll give you that, but you can't keep using the same trump card over and over," she said.  "It's 3:30 in the morning and I'm not going to argue with you about how cool I am.  You and I both know that no other dad gave their newborn a signed copy of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy for their one month birthday," I said.  "Dude," said the Kid, "It was signed by you..."

On that note...

Be patient, it's about 45 seconds in that you'll wish you'd been sitting on the john when you hit play.  Enjoy!

E Pluribus Unum! & PEACE OUT!


  1. Wow! I actually found myself disbelieving there for a moment - then they cleverly headed that off by having all three extricate themselves in one long shot - so WOW!!!! Nice one, kid! Oh, and poppa - thanks for including my natterings on the liked links list!

  2. Craig -- sad to hear you're so jaded that you can't believe everything you see on youtube. The Kid is offering up some of her blind faith (no not the band) to use as you see fit. And natter away young man, natter away!

  3. Nattering! Nattering! (But the link doesn't work)....

  4. The link to your page? It works fine for me.